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B B Banthia Jewellers

B B Banthia Jewellers in twenty five colourful years of its operation has become the leading and the most trusted brand for all your jewellery needs. Spread across a sprawling 2,000 sq. ft. two storied showroom in Panvel and two more retail outlets in Mohopada and Karjat we continue to make finest and latest hallmark Gold, Silver and Diamond jewellery of intricate and aesthetic designs that more than adorning the body reflects your inner beauty. We take -11? immense pride in having brought smiles on the faces of our 30,000 customers and counting.

B B Banthia Finance Private Limited

BFPL is the Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC) registered with the Reserve Bank of India. Established by acquiring Life Line Fin Invest Private Limited in May 2014, BFPL is a rural financing company that caters to the financial needs of the rural sector. In a nation with highly evolved financial models that cater to various sectors, the rural sector is still dominated by the unorganized local money lenders, in spite of them charging high interest rates, due to the sheer ease of lending process. At BFPL, it is our vision to serve the existing and new customers in comprehensive regulatory framework, protecting consumer interests in the loan sector, through credible, convenient and cost-effective methods. Being in the gold business since 1992, B B Banthia has gained a profound understanding of the Gold sector. Leveraging this knowledge and experience with our best-in-class customer service we currently provide “loan against gold” to serve this sector from three locations at Panvel, Mohopada and Karjat.

A Legacy Of Purity

Our century-long journey began as a Bank, earning us the trust and goodwill of countless families and businesses spread across Mumbai, Pune and Nashik. Today, customers bank on us for the finest jewellery collection and schemes in Panvel.

Our legacy spread across a multi-diverse spectrum of industry verticals from Banking and Finance to Electricity, and now Jewellery, has given us an in-depth understanding of customer needs. It has helped us discover the common thread that binds people irrespective of the business field. Customer-centricity and compassion builds relationships and lasting relationships power an Enterprise to blossom and shine.

Our jewellery business radiates in the glow of our core values of Honesty and Integrity, Business Excellence and Top-Class Customer Services.

B.B. Banthia Jewellers celebrates its silver jubilee with a mesmerising display of Gold across a sprawling 2000 sq. ft, two-storied showroom in Panvel and two more retail outlets in Mohopada and Karjat. Our work celebrates the Purity of Gold, Silver and Diamonds through intricate craftsmanship, lending character, cut and clarity to every piece of jewellery on display. Standing testimony are 30000+ satisfied and loyal customers… and counting.

Our goal lies in leveraging our understanding of the Gold market to offer customers the Right Value for their Gold; in the process, saving them the hassles and the troubles of being short-changed by unscrupulous dealers, money-lenders  and middle-men from the unorganised sector.

Our vision lies in seeing ‘Stree Dhan’ prove true to its every word, heralding a sense of security worth its weight in Gold for families in times of need.

The Management


Our torchbearer Shri Rajesh Banthia took on the mantle of running the B.B Banthia family business  more than 40 years ago and has never looked back since then. Standing in front of him was a future dotted with challenges, to test his resolve geared towards the pursuit of excellence.

Standing firm and transforming them into milestones has been his contribution to B.B. Banthia jewellers’ growth story.

He dons two roles that of a successful businessman and a compassionate philanthropist with seamless ease. He has presided over the affairs of Shri Vardhaman Sthanakvasi Jain Shravak Sangh, Panvel for over a decade and is currently contributing his expertise to the noble endeavours of Shri All India Shwetamber Sthanakwasi Jain Conference as a National Executive Committee Member.


Mr Gaurav Shailesh Banthia belongs to the vibrant young generation of Indian entrepreneurs who are ushering in a Golden era for the jewellery industry in spite of the current challenges that plague the nation and the world, as a whole. Armed with a background in Commerce and strong Communication skills, he is driving the fortunes of the B. B. Banthia Jewellers brands and lifting it to newer levels of excellence. Achieving the truest form of Customer-Centricity through an effective and evolved CRM process is and will be his contribution to the B. B. Banthia brand ethos.


Armed with an MBA and blessed with a heart of Gold, Mr.Suyog Banthia adds to his brother Gaurav’s dynamism. He lends compassion and acumen to the equation. His forte lies in leveraging the power of technology to facilitate a spirit of ingenuity and innovation in management processes, thereby helping the B. B. Banthia brand to be more customer-friendly in their approach as well as in the minds of its clientele.

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