Flexi Loan In 3 Golden Steps

The following steps highlight a typical application of gold loan and its processing:


Visit Nearest BFPL Branch


Real Time Gold Valuation & Instant Approval.


Immediate Disbursement

What Research Says

It is estimated that Indian households hold about 25,000 tonnes of gold. In comparison, the US treasury holds about 8,000 tonnes of gold and RBI less than 600 tonnes. The approximate value of gold privately held in India is about 50 lakh crore–that is 35% of our GDP and 60% of our bank deposits. It is not easy to modify the sense of security a saver associates with gold.

Source: The Times of India

Gold is is perhaps the only element which retains, its value and protects against inflation, with its value rising with the cost of living, often reaching its highest value during periods of high inflation.

Source: Bank Bazaar

Around 8 lakh crore of Gold is pledged every year across Nationalised & Private Banks, NBFCs and large pool of local nearby Jewellers.

Source: Linkedln Pulse

We anticipate that economic growth and greater transparency within India’s gold market will push demand higher: by 2020 we see Indian consumers buying between 850t and 950t.

Source: World Gold Council

Golden Opportunity... Always

Gold has always been a timeless investment vehicle. Be it for children’s marriage, education, future security, medical emergencies, investment in other assets or retirement funds, Gold has always been the knight in shining armour for Indians. Gold holds an emotional value far superior to any monetary compensation, which is why people would rarely sell it, but most of the times they would want it to earn them money rather than lying idle.

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KYC Required For Gold Loan

Identity Proof (Any One)

• Pan Card
• Passport
• Driving License
• Voter’s ID card

Address Proof(Any one)

• Aadhar Card
• Passport
• Driving License


• As per B.B. Banthia’s requirement at the time of visiting the store

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